Lost Saga – Fighting game announced for Singapore and Malaysia

[Facebook page] PlayOne Asia, which operates PC online games such as BlackShot and Echo of Soul, recently announced Lost Saga for Singapore and Malaysia. One of the most popular PC online fighting games ever, Closed Beta will start from May 10th till May 14th . Select from over 180 heroes with unique skills, which includes characters such as Bruce Lee, Son Wu Kong, and more!



Lost Saga consist of more than 15 different types of modes for players to choose from which range from serious fighting modes like 1v1 champion mode, Team Deathmatch to more casual modes like Soccer mode and Zombie mode which allows players to play with friends and other online players.

Exciting game modes

Prisoner Mode: Make all your opponents your prisoners before they turn you into theirs.

Team Deathmatch: Work with your teammates to kill the opposing team.

Boss Raid: Work together to ki ll formidable bosses.

Soccer Mode: Play soccer with your favorite heroes and score against your opponents.

Character Customization

Lost Saga has a huge pool of over 180 heroes which will be released by batch between intervals. The heroes are customizable in the way that players can equip gears to change their heroes’ skills and also equip different cosmetic items to make their heroes truly one-of-a-kind.

E-Sports tournament

E-Sports has been on the rise and one of the major goal for the game is to make Lost Saga a leading e-sports game in the SEA region. With the annual “Lost Saga World Championships” heading the way, PlayOne Asia has plans to expand the exposure of the game in the E-sports scene by hosting various competitions after the launch.