Echo of Soul – PlayOne Asia launching Closed Beta in Singapore and Malaysia

[Register now] Echo of Soul, the upcoming Free-to-Play fantasy MMORG with its server located in Malaysia and Singapore, will kickstart its long-awaited Closed Beta phase on 23 February (GMT+8). Operating the game is PlayOne Asia, also the new publisher of popular online shooter, BlackShot. While Closed Beta for Echo of Soul is a few days away, here is a trailer highlighting the game.


Echo of Soul provides several classes, each featuring two different specializations with unique skill paths. Players who want to take on the Nuker role can choose the Firemage Sorceress, whose mastery of fire allows her to inflict max damage, whereas players who prefer a support role can play as an Archer with the Bard specialization, supporting allies or weakening enemies with her melodies.

Echo of Soul CBT event

Korean developer Nvius deliberately left out any Healer class in order to facilitate group matching between players and to ensure fast-paced combat. To replace this traditional role, the players will need to work efficiently together and devise unique combat strategies for party play. For gamers in Malaysia and Singapore who are on the North America server, you can expect a smoother connection!

Echo of Soul character screenshot 1 Echo of Soul character screenshot 2