Echo of Soul: The Blue – Massive game revamp announced for fantasy PC MMORPG

Korean games developer Blue Potion Games today announced a massive revamp for its PC MMORPG, Echo of Soul. Scheduled to arrive next month for the South Korean server (published by Kakao Games), the game will be re-branded as “EOS: The Blue.” If you did not know, Blue Potion Games has a mobile version titled “EOS: RED.” Yeah they kind of not want to use the whole word “Echo of Soul” these days. Parts of the massive March update include new dungeons, equipment, and the start of systems overhaul and improvements.

Even though Kakao Games is the publisher, operations will be directly handled by developer Blue Potion Games. The former will be more of a business and marketing partner. There are currently 2 English version for Echo of Soul, one published by Aeria Games and another on Steam, serviced directly by the development team. Stay tuned for updates when available!