Dungeon Fighter Online – SEA server is now live for action MMORPG

[Play now] PlayOne Asia, a new online games publisher based in Malaysia, recently launched the SEA server for Dungeon Fighter Online. One of the top games in China and South Korea, Dungeon Fighter Online is a Free-to-Play “Beat ‘Em Up” title where players travel across the continent of Arad to defeat evil plaguing the lands. There are over 13 classes to choose from, each with unique abilities.


Dungeon Fighter Online has a wide array of PvE and PvP modes. In PvP, players can solo in 1v1 matches, or bring friends to the fight in 3v3 fights. As for PvE, there are over 100 dungeons to explore alone or with a co-op party. Time to unleash devastating combos upon your enemies in both these modes! The game is now live, so for SEA gamers who have yet to try the game, download now!

Dungeon Fighter Online image