Tree of Savior – Exclusive server for Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia

[Game website] PlayOne Asia, a new games publisher based in Southeast Asia, today opened a new server for Tree of Savior exclusive to Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. While gamers from these 3 countries may still continue on the global server, PlayOne Asia will provide a much better connection and minimize latency. Tree of Savior is one of the hottest MMORPG right now, so join in the fun!



  1. As far as i know Indonesian server are also just opened per 1 June 2016. The publisher is Gemschool. And malaysian and singapore player are also allowed to play. Correct me if im wrong

  2. Playone Asia is only channeling publisher for Singapore and Malaysia from Indonesia publisher “gemscool”
    Please edit your news that tos sea is release by gemscool

  3. i been playing for a while this TOS from Gemschool, but had issue like lag delay…other player all been so anger with it… if it posibble when TOS sea server open we can play???? no ip restricted!!!!

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