War of Crown – Final Closed Beta for mobile RPG begins before launch

[Facebook page] Developed by Asone Games and published by Gamevil, the new mobile strategy RPG War of Crown is currently having its final Closed Beta test before globally launching this year. The Closed Beta test will run from March 13 to March 27 (PST) and will be used to collect additional user feedback and gauge War of Crown’s current game balance and functionality.


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War of Crown provides a true strategy RPG experience which is optimized for the mobile platform. Strategists will be able to fully control a vibrant 3D battlefield with a touch and engage enemies using a full range of combat tactics. Players can recruit over a hundred different allies in order to make their own formidable squad of warriors, archers, spell casters and healers.

Multiple game modes give players the opportunity to uncover the prolific tale of War of Crown or battle others in real-time PVP. War of Crown’s first Closed Beta test proved successful and had a retention rate greater than 65% in United States. Since then, Gamevil and Asone Games have worked diligently to incorporate the valuable user feedback to prepare for the global launch.