Kingdom Under Fire II – 3 mobile games based on franchise announced

Korean studio Blueside, co-developer of the Kingdom Under Fire games, recently held a media conference to provide an update on the company’s businesses. As expected, 3 mobiles games based on the Kingdom Under Fire IP were announced, though details are scarce. They are namely Kingdom Under Fire: Warlord, Kingdom Under Fire: Concept, and Kingdom Under Fire: Ghost (all working titles).

Each of the mobile games will represent a different genre, including real-time strategy and action RPG. Blueside also announced an official launch of Kingdom Under Fire II in China around May, followed by Taiwan, and then heading to Russia before the console and global launch. Blueside Engine 3.0 is scheduled to be ready by June, and was touted to be more powerful than Unreal Engine 4.

For its VR business, work has already started with Blueside’s subsidiary in Spain working on a VR engine. Blueside has also purchased Sambon Precision & Electronics Co Ltd, a Korea-based manufacturer of sound devices and keypads. Through this new company, Blueside will explore making VR equipment and peripheral. For your info, Blueside currently has 9 subsidiaries under its umbrella!