Kingdom Under Fire II – 16-player raid mode introduced in China server

Kingdom Under Fire II entered its non-wipe beta phase today in China, under publisher ChangYou. Developed by Korean studio Blueside, using the in-house Blueside Engine, the main feature added in the new version is the 16-player raid dungeon. There is actually a storyline in the raid, walking players through the true story behind a fallen kingdom, and not just mindless killing of enemies.


The best items will drop in this massive 16-player raid, including resources, experience points, and more.. But only after the gigantic bosses and their armies are defeated! Outside of raid, new “Extreme Missions” are introduced. With the difficulty set to extreme, players must form parties and one another to complete objectives. It is also important to observe the movement patterns of the enemies!


Finally, the last major feature added is Faction VS Faction PVP, with players having to choose between joining the “Iron Blood Brotherhood” or “Guardian Alliance”. Players will be walked through the story behind these 2 warring factions before being thrown into the thick of war. Kingdom Under Fire II is currently scheduled to launch in several regions by end 2017, including the PlayStation 4 version.