Majestia – 10 legendary heroes revealed for new Com2uS game

[Pre-register now] Developed by Tino Games, Majestia is the upcoming mobile game being prepared for global launch by Com2uS. Currently in the pre-registration phase, Majestia features 5 different unions (Eastern, Western, Olympus, Fantasy and Dark) each with its own unique heroes. Familiar names such as Poseidon, King Arthur, Genghis Khan and even Lu Bu will be spread across the unions.

Majestia is a RTS game that provides a wide range of strategic battles with combinations of various skills, branches, and heroes. Based on a simple and intuitive battle method, the game utilizes tactics to maximize the excitement of strategic battles by enabling the users to be able to turn the tables around with one move even in adverse situations. More info can be found on the pre-registration page!