Quake Champions – CBT signup goes live with first champion trailer

[Closed Beta signup] With Overwatch leading the way, it seems 2017 is an extremely big year for competitive team shooters. Other than the classic Unreal Tournament getting an upgraded version with Unreal Engine 4, publisher Bethesda Softworks also recently announced the Closed Beta phase for Quake Champions. Quake first launched in 1996, with the most recent entry being 2005’s Quake 4.


Still developed by id Software, best known for the Wolfenstein and Doom series of games, Closed Beta for Quake Champions is expected to begin “in the coming weeks”. The first champion profile was just revealed, featuring Nyx, whose active ability lets her sidestep danger and plan a careful attack. Think of her as a stealthy assassin with the useful abilities to phase-shift (teleport) and wall jump.