Valiant Force – Developer blog reveals new race and guild content

[Source] Developed by Singapore-based studio XII Braves (12 Braves), Valiant Force is a rare mainstream mobile game from Southeast Asia. Launching in the region just back in November, XII Braves recently laid out its 2017 roadmap for Valiant Force, leading up to the 3rd quarter (September). There will be a new hero type, summoner, a new race (elves), and major content for guilds.


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The Guild Raid (PVE) and Guild Conquest (PVEVP) will definitely add new gameplay elements and provide a pseudo co-op environment. A strategy turn-based mobile game, players must move their heroes like chess pieces on the battlefield, making use of each hero’s unique passive aura and a variety of skills to obtain victory. Valiant Force is certainly not your average auto-combat mobile RPG!