Age of Wushu 2 – New article touches on day and night cycle in sandbox title

From the past articles on Age of Wushu 2, one can tell Snail Games is not building just another MMORPG, but rather a true sandbox game where each element counts. The China developer recently posted new details about Age of Wushu 2, talking about the weather and day and night cycle in the game. In the day, when temperatures are high, players’ thirst level will no doubt go up.

Players doing all sorts of activities, no matter is it gathering resources or PK, will need to quench their thirst with drinking water before the dehydration sickness strikes. At night when it is much colder (or during winter), players use up more stamina while performing activities, hence more clothes must be worn to keep the body temperature in check. Cool system, though I must see it myself.

When night falls, players can wear a camouflage suit (assassin style) to move around using the moon light without being caught. Players can go on spy missions, steal items, kidnap people, and even assassinate targets. Vision is limited at night, and also when most carnivorous beasts roam. All NPC characters will have different behavior as well during different times of the day.