Ragnarok Mobile – Quick look at Open Beta of new mobile MMORPG

Ragnarok Mobile entered the Open Beta phase earlier today in China, but developer Xindong actually opened the servers yesterday to avoid a congestion. With over 800,000 downloads in a mere 2 days, that is saying something about the strength of the Ragnarok brand. Due to the sheer number of players fighting for monsters to kill, I have only played the game for an hour before giving up.

While the game asks to select a class when creating a character, players can actually select again in-game when the level for advancement is reached. The Merchant class is currently not available. There are some neat additional fun-features added to the game, such as taking in-game selfies and adding to the photo albums. The card system gives bonus stats permanently, different from the PC version.

Rather than a linear chain of quests, Ragnarok Mobile allows players to select which quests to get from the NPCs who identified on the mini map with an exclamation mark. There is no cash shop to be found! As someone who used to farm zeny and sell for extra pocket money, I am not really sure how to gauge Ragnarok Mobile. I am sure many would really prefer a full remake of Ragnarok Online.


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