Dark and Light – New preview talks about taming monstrous creatures

[Steam page] Dark and Light, in development by China studio Snail Games, places players in a massive fantasy world that is filled with magic, monsters, and mystery. Here, they will be challenged to survive and thrive through a combination of crafting, exploration, and powerful magic. The massive world is home to a wide array of creatures, many of them teeming with elemental magical energy.


There are over 40 types of creatures in Dark and Light; ranging from familiar creatures like boar and elk to mythical creatures including unicorns, dragons, gryphons, and a variety of new and original creatures never seen before. Taming creatures requires skill, resources, and time. Players will need harpoons and good aim to catch a creature and tie it down. But that is just the beginning.

A captured creature will struggle to escape, but it will become tired eventually. When this happens, players need to set up a feeding trough with its favorite food to calm them down and domesticate them over time. Some larger and fiercer creatures, like wyverns and dragons, may require teams to capture. Not all creatures can be tamed using this method and they require a different approach.

Once tamed, the creatures can be used as mounts during battle. Having a powerful land-based mount, such as a horse or an elephant, will be a huge asset in PvP/PvE battles and for material transportation. Players aren’t just limited to land mounts – wyverns, gryphons, and even aquatic creatures are rideable! Dark and Light is scheduled to launch this year with a Buy-to-Play model.


  1. i dont think this game is what it’s saying. up to this point not even an actual gameplay footage and since this is a chinese game u know what that means. P2W and unpolished.

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