Elsword Slash – Quick look at new mobile slasher from Nexon Korea

Nexon recently launched its new mobile game, Elsword Slash, in South Korea. However, the side-scroll action RPG is not developed by KOG (makers of the PC version), but rather an internal studio of China game company Kunlun. That said, Elsword Slash had actually been launched in China for a year now, which I somehow missed. Here is a quick look at the starting gameplay of the 3 launch classes.


Elsword Slash is also known as Elsword Evolution, and players can be assured that new content and playable characters are still entering the China version. Features such as class advancement, PVP, a huge costume system, pets, and more are all in the game, which is pretty impressive. I am not sure how Korean gamers would take the dreaded VIP system, but I guess there should be few complains.