RF Online M – Classic sci-fi MMORPG is finally making its way to mobile

Korean developer CCR Inc recently announced it is developing RF Online M with a little known studio, Red Code. The mobile version of the immensely popular PC online game, RF Online, the classic factions such as Bellato, Union, and Cora are back. However, RF Online M will also introduce an unnamed new faction, currently known as “Ancient Humans”, in a vastly different storyline.

While factions are warring in RF Online, RF Online M will see players able to form teams with characters from either factions. The struggle for power now shifts to guilds vs guilds instead. There are several types of heroes, including Balance, Tank, DPS, Healer, Support, and Commander. Key to winning here is strategic positioning, for example Tanks at the frontline and Supports at the back.

Players can expect the usual content and modes in RF Online M, such as story mode PVE maps (currently at 14 chapters and 120 stages), PVP arena, boss raids, guild vs guild, guild dungeon, and even territorial war, although there was no mention of how many characters are there in the current development stage. There is neither an official website nor launch schedule ready for RF Online M.


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