The Tale of Lost City – Quick look at colorful new mobile MMORPG

Developed by Chinese studio Ledo Interactive, The Tale of Lost City is a new mobile RPG which recently launched in Hong Kong by publisher Game Dreamer. The game made some shock waves when it was first announced, with the design a reminiscence of classic title Ragnarok Online and even the more recent PC online game, Tree of Savior. Intrigued, I took a quick tour in the mobile game.


There are 3 starting classes (Warrior, Mage, Archer), each able to branch out to 2 advancements at level 15. Like all mobile RPG games out there, most of the gameplay can be automated, which is really convenient as things can get messy on small screens. Players can expect familiar features such as arena, faction PVP, party and solo dungeons, pets, mounts, costumes, and P2W cash bundle gears.