Ragnarok Mobile – Launch date announced for mobile RPG

Since it was announced a few year back, much attention has been on Ragnarok Mobile, an upcoming mobile game developed by Chinese studio Xindong and officially licensed from IP owner Gravity. At a live music event, it was announced the Public Test will being on 19th January, with Open Beta starting on 7th March 2017. Of course, Ragnarok Mobile will be launching just in China first.

Developer Xindong has mentioned it is still in discussions with Gravity about opening the game to more regions, but there has yet to be an update since September. Surprisingly, the only currency in Ragnarok Mobile will be Zeny, which can be obtained from the game monsters and quests. Xindong confidently promised that there will be no premium currency in the mobile game.

In terms of automated functions, Xindong mentioned the game system will guide players, and will apparently not feature an auto-questing system (though auto-combat is still available). The monster cards will remain as loot drops from monsters, and there will be no gacha system for players to spend money on. Are you impressed yet? I can’t wait to play the launch version!

ragnarok-mobile-screenshot-1 ragnarok-mobile-screenshot-2


    • Good point! There has to be a source of revenue in there somewhere. I am really hoping they don’t offer a bunch of $29.99, $49.99, and $99.99 random gear bundles like so many others… If not, I’ll love financially supporting a polished game that breaks free of the freemium thing. Pay-To-Win is so tiring and discouraging. I love your term, “pseudo pay monthly”. Do you expect them to go this route?

  1. I hope they would do monthly subs as source of revenue .. just like the old days. Too much freemium bullshit these days.

  2. It’s just so disappointing that they didn’t have the setting for english version. how can we read those quest etc if the language is chinese. :'(

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