Penta Storm – Netmarble enters mobile MOBA market with new game

Announced last week, Penta Storm is the upcoming mobile MOBA game developer Netmarble is preparing. If you did not know, Netmarble is one of the world’s biggest mobile games studio now, with successful hits such as Marvel Future Fight, Seven Knights, and more. As seen in the photos below taken at G-Star 2016, not much is done to innovate around the MOBA template.

penta-storm-g-star-2016-photo-1 penta-storm-g-star-2016-photo-2 penta-storm-g-star-2016-photo-3 penta-storm-g-star-2016-photo-4

There are 3 main lanes for players to travel across various 5 vs 5 maps (3-lane is the main tourney map). Other features which remain the same include neutral jungle mobs and buying of items at base. To be honest, the design and style looks really close to League of Legends. With an English UI ready, Penta Storm is most probably set for a global launch in the near future.

penta-storm-g-star-2016-photo-5 penta-storm-g-star-2016-photo-6 penta-storm-g-star-2016-photo-7 penta-storm-g-star-2016-photo-8