Phantasy Star Online 2 – PVP arriving in Japan server after 3 years

Unlike the failed Southeast Asia server, Phantasy Star Online 2 is still one of the top online games in Japan. Developer SEGA recently announced several new updates (maps, costumes, pets, raids, Grade 14 weapons, Christmas stuff, etc), and the most eye-catching is definitely the PVP Battle Arena. Arriving in Spring 2017, it took around 3 years after official launch for this feature to be ready!



  1. Yes, It’s true that PSO2 SEA failed, Due to lack of players / Gamers.

    Almost 1 Channel is full the rest is just a ghost town.

  2. They might’ve failed in updating. I still believe the strength of players who play in SEA. Unlike the unbalanced “forweak” JP server.

    • If by “unbalanced” you mean, properly up to date in terms of gear, content and cosmetics, then I guess you’re right.

  3. I’m enjoying the gameplay as I fool around with my friend and getting rekted, wrecked and played like a fiddle by literally anything

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