Soul Reverse Zero – SEGA starting original IP with new mobile game

Last week, SEGA Japan announced its latest in-development mobile game, Soul Reverse Zero, with a launch scheduled for next month (November). It was also revealed Soul Reverse Zero is the first product in the “Soul Reverse” series, an original IP which SEGA has big plans for. The story sees the main hero having to summon heroes from other dimensions to help save his world from destruction.


The theme song for the game, seen in the trailer above, is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, known for working on anime series including Attack on Titan, Seraph of the End, and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. The trailer itself is conjured by Production I.G, the studio responsible for anime series such as Ghost in the Shell, Guilty Crown, Haikyū!!, Kuroko’s Basketball, Attack on Titan, and many more.


Heroes which can be summoned include those from myths and legends from around the world, such as King Arthur, Nobunaga, and even Cleopatra. SEGA is planning to have at least 60 available heroes for the official game launch. As expected, all these heroes will have flashy skills to cast, each with different effects. SEGA will also be revealing the theme song and singer for Soul Reverse Zero soon.

soul-reverse-zero-screenshot-1 soul-reverse-zero-screenshot-2


    • Well, considering how Chain chronicle was pretty successful in the East, and SEGA Japan wants to make something big of this, I’d say this has a high rate of actually being good.

  1. I honestly think this game will be good, although the whole summons concept seems to be heavily derived from Fate Stay Night, with FSN also summoning mythical/legendary heroes, it seems like this game will have a shot at being great, despite lack of some originality.

  2. I hope they do bring it over to the West…even if they do decide to end it after a short random term or so. I’m pretty sure Chain Chronicle was popular in the West and people were pissed of their decision of ending it over here.

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