Gameforge – European publisher quits mobile gaming and lays off staff

[Source] Gameforge, the European publisher of Aion and TERA, announced it has moved away from mobile games after performing less successful in the market than expected. Around 90 employees, one-fifth of the total staff, were apparently let go. CEO Alexander Rösner claims there are now more “interesting opportunities” in PC gaming. Gameforge is now working on Soul Worker.



    • Why? – That’s peoples jobs on the line -why would you wish someone unemployment? Because you don’t like how your game is?

      • Because they suck at their jobs?
        Because they’re a bunch of greedy cunts who love p2w?
        Because games that only rot in their hands can have a new future in the hands of another studio should gameforge close down and be forced to sell it’s assets?
        Because i can?

        They can find another job, gaming industry is a mean bitch and they have failed.
        Tera alone is enough proof, it thrives in NA to this day, while it always only slowly rotted and crumbled under gameforge.

        • eh look at what we have here, a couple of haters, downvoting merkadis (upvoted for truth btw) gameforge sux

        • Lets hope no one ever wishes you lose your job, but you’re probably underage or live in your mommy basement.

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