MU Legend – Quick look at Unreal Engine sequel to classic MMORPG

[Game website] I did not manage to immerse in MU Online back in the days, as I was really occupied with school and the only action RPG I played was the Diablo series (sorry Path of Exile). Announced years ago, the highly-anticipated sequel MU Legend finally started its global Closed Beta phase a few days ago. With other responsibilities in tow, I managed to scrapped time to try out the game.


The playable classes are nothing to shout about, other than the mysterious Emphasizer, which I expected to be a healer class. Similar to MU Online, there is no dedicated healing class in MU Legend, pretty much similar to the Diablo games. There is a handy guide offering basic tips on which path each class can go, and I highly recommend those which have high ratings for co-op gameplay.


In all honesty, combat in MU Legend isn’t as comfortable as in Diablo, but the massive maps and content pretty much made up for it. And not to mention the incredible lag spikes players encountered during the first couple of days. I love how the skills are leveled up according to how much they are used, and each of the 3 levels opens up a slot to embed gems to make the skills even stronger.


The open world is pretty standard, with most of the quests being “Kill X”. Dungeon runs are where most of the awesome gears come from (apart from crafting in town), and players are limited to just 10 dungeon entries each day. However, there are times where regions go into “overdrive” temporarily, which means players can enter the dungeons there even if there are no entry chances left.


I have yet to try out the classic modes such as Blood Castle, since most of the event ones are only available at level 45. I am almost there, which is a miracle given the lack of gaming time I have these days. So far, other than the lag spikes, MU Legend is shaping up to be quite the potent online game. Launch for the global server is expected next year, where Lost Ark is looming behind the shadows…