NCsoft – Gaming giant reveals several new mobile games at media event

Originally thought to be an event just for Linage: Red Knights, developer and gaming giant NCsoft turned it into a mini games announcement event of sorts. NCsoft announced its widely-hyped mobile game, Lineage: Red Knights, will launch in South Korea on 8 December, following Closed Beta from 31 October to 2 November. It was mentioned there are 12 launch countries, but they were not revealed.


Lineage: Red Knights

As briefly explained above, a launch date was announced by NCsoft. If you did not know, the game was also signed to a new China publisher in a contract worth USD 10 million, a pretty huge sum which caught the Chinese media by surprise. Lineage: Red Knights is pretty heavy on the PVP elements, which you can see in the new trailer below.


Lineage Mobile

First announced last year as “Lineage on Mobile”, Lineage Mobile was officially revealed at the media event. With this game, NCsoft aimed to port over the main gameplay elements (and graphics) found in the PC version of Lineage, not just the story and characters.


Project ORCA

Not much information was revealed for this new mobile RPG, but we do know it will sport “next generation graphics” and “action gameplay”. I am expecting this to be something similar to Nexon’s HIT.


Blade & Soul Mobile

All characters in Blade & Soul are now changed to cute little things, as players gather them to form a squad and battle across the land. This has already been launched in China, and you can have a look at my time trying out the game.


Final Blade

Developed by a studio known as SkyPeople and published by NCsoft, Final Blade is yet another mobile action RPG with character collection set to launch next year.