Final Blade – Quick look at new mobile RPG from NCsoft Korea

Revealed last month, Final Blade is a new mobile RPG developed by an unknown studio, Sky People. What took most by surprise is the fact NCsoft, the gaming giant which is super late to the mobile games competition when compared to rivals Netmarble and Nexon, is the publisher. I missed out on Final Blade’s Closed Beta, but here is a quick look at the gameplay from the recent launch version.


Similar to most “strategy” RPG mobile titles, players’ task are to make sure the characters are well-equipped, since combat can be automated. But what really drew me to the game are the awesome 2D graphics and skill effects, which really took to my heart. Players form 5-man teams over a 9-grid field, but new formations would need to be unlocked, which restricts creativity during the early stages.

Players can expect the usual set of gameplay features, including PVP Arena, Guild Wars, World Boss raids, various modes to obtain resources, story campaigns, and more. I have yet to try out the 5-player (25 characters) boss raid, but hopefully I can give it a try soon. Final Blade is currently only available in Korea for Android devices, and NCsoft has yet to confirm any plans to launch the game overseas.