Knight Slinger – New mobile slingshot RPG soft-launches in selected regions

Global mobile games publisher Gamevil recently soft-launched its latest title, Knight Slinger, which is a slight departure from its mainly turn-based RPG lineup of games. Developed by Korean studio COCOONBEAT, players actually slingshot their team of characters across the screen to hit enemies, pretty much like other slingshot games such as Monster Strike, or even real-life pool (snooker).


Appealing to both casual and dedicated hardcore gamers, Knight Slinger looks as beautiful as it plays with high-resolution and fluid graphics. In addition to its simple yet challenging gameplay, the game offers a wide breadth of content with its multiple game modes. Adventurers can ally with the Swordsman, Magician, Spearman, Tanker, Cannoneer and the Archer to bring justice in multiple ways.


Knight Slinger gives gamers the opportunity to team up with over 350 collectible warriors to help Moira and the Knights of Light battle against the forces of evil. Knight Slinger is currently available in Google Play for Android devices in Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, India, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, and Turkey.