Cloud Pirates – Closed Beta preview of new team-based aerial brawler

[Beta register] While studios are scrambling to release team-based shooters after the initial success of games such as Overwatch and Paladins, developer Allods Team (Skyforge) and global publisher have slightly different things in mind in the form of Cloud Pirates. Not exactly a new concept, Cloud Pirates pit 2 teams of sky ships against each other for aerial supremacy in various game modes.


I took a quick look at Cloud Pirates’ Closed Beta phase. I am horrific in terms of controlling directions, so do bear with me. The main cannons (front facing) have limited usage before heating up, and most of the battles are fought with the side cannons (left and right). Your game camera must hence swing to either side of your sky ship to shoot targets without overheating. A learning curve for me!


The game modes available are the usual suspects, including Point Capture, Team PVP, and even Payload Protect. More modes should be added once Cloud Pirates is ready for launch. For new players like me, fret not, you can choose to battle bots as well, with ships controlled by the game’s AI. There is no selection of AI difficulty, but they should still be simple enough to overcome.


Similar to games such as Armored Warfare, players are able to upgrade their ships, mostly done through passive abilities. More ships will open up for purchase once the 3 starting ones are researched to a higher level. Currently, I am not seeing any feature which would allow players to change how their air ships look. Perhaps I will take a dive in again once Open Beta arrives.