Skyforge – New class and content announced for fall 2016 update

[Play free now] Developer Allods Team and global publisher are proud to announce Ascension, a massive expansion for Skyforge arriving later this year. Based on more than a year of player data and feedback, Allods Team has worked on revisiting existing systems and new features to expand Skyforge. Menus are more accessible for all players and provided clarity on current systems.


The Ascension expansion for Skyforge consists of the following:

Brand-new Class: The Outlaw: A charismatic, daring and dangerous hero, who expertly wields two pistols and also, when necessary, dynamite. Enemies would do well not to underestimate this new combatant.

Skyforge - Outlaw class

New Progression Campaign: A significant modification comes in the form of the Regions Map, which is an extended progression campaign, where players can unlock access to new Adventures, Classes, and Symbols. Over a hundred marks on the map represent adventures and missions that make progression very clear and keep gameplay fresh, all while players improve their characters.

Skyforge - Progressive Campaign

Extended Combat Mechanics: Combat will become even more interesting thanks to an extended combat system. When you defeat monsters, players can take their weapons or even part of their bodies to use them against other enemies! Battles will become more diverse and tactical through the ability to kite enemies and dodge attacks more consistently.

Skyforge - Combat

New Politics System: The Council of Gods is a completely new political system. From now on, immortals can elect who the world of Aelion will answer to for a few weeks. In their hands, the leaders will hold power, resources, and the fate of the people. Players will be able to elect or be elected, and take control!

Skyforge - Politics

A New Raid for All Gods: Another great danger awaits: the menacing Tol-Monter, great god of the Oceanids, has sent his ships to Aelion! Tol-Monter is an unusual avatar, therefore gods who confront him can expect serious challenges. However, it is not just the strongest immortals that can fight him. Anyone who has received their Divine Form can go into battle against this great god – and win!

Skyforge - Raid