Age of Wushu 2 – Game ecosystem explained for new UE 4 MMORPG

China developer Snail Games is taking it’s own time to reveal more information about its upcoming PC MMORPG, Age of Wushu 2. Following last week’s reveal of Jiangnan, this week’s post is about the ecosystem in the Unreal Engine 4 game. It is basically a food chain, with the red being carnivores, and the green being herbivores. The numbers indicate how high is their habitat above sea level.

Age of Wushu 2 - Ecosystem

How does this come into play for normal players in Age of Wushu 2? For survival! Different animals have different habits, attacks, and unique traits. Do you want to lay a trap and kill them (advisable for larger creatures)? Or are you confident enough to face them in combat? Or even just to tame them? Meat obtained from slain creatures can be used to cook, and the more cooking done, you might have the skills to obtain more recognition within Jianghu! Without explaining too deeply, this means more paths will be opened. Which martial arts master and what surprises will you encounter?

If you choose to tame a creature, it might become a mount, for example a wild horse. Or simply keep creatures as pets 🙂 An interesting feature which was also mentioned, players have to scout nearby water spots to obtain drinkable water. If you run out of water and there are no water spots nearby, you die. Unless it rains. There are different climates, obstacles, and creatures at different heights above sea level, hence players must be aware of their surroundings. Does Age of Wushu 2 sound interesting at this point? But we still have not been shown a single screenshot of the game…

Age of Wushu 2 image


    • is? The game is still in development, there is no footage or even screenshot of the game. Early tests will begin 2017Q1, then we will see how game runs

  1. I really hope this is just for when you’re exploring outside of cities. I’d really hate having to manage my thirst/hunger when walking around in a city, talking to people. Perhaps like exploring the new world in Age of Wushu 1? They had a hunger system in Age of Wushu 1, but it wasn’t a problem.

    You didn’t die from hunger, but instead just got a debuff that did maybe 1% of your health every 5 seconds, but then you could just sit down, and you would recover your health faster than that.

    • Well, this is a sandbox game, I think in cities you will need to deal with thirst and hunger, but less than outside cities, maybe. Map already points out that everything is related. Weather, time, altitude will work the same in cities, because it’s a single map and it is affected in the same way as in all map areas, that means in the city your character will be affected in similar or the same way as it would be in the wilderness. It’s gonna be way more complicated game than any regular MMO, maybe even more complicated than AoW1. Also, there will be no debuffs or buffs on the screen that could show you what your character wants. You will need to look at character emotions and guess what he wants. This is gonna be true sandbox game experience.

    • 1% debuff is nothing, unless you mean the debuffs stack on top of each other every 5 seconds till you are left at 10% health or something

  2. I guess that the FLEX engine was to limited to what they wanted to create
    with next installment of the Wushu series.
    Like to see what they come out with

  3. I really like how they expanded the survival systems so now we have a martial arts and also survival. I know it can’t stand against the well known zombie survival games out there but mixing those two together is very unique.
    But do I really have to play on chinese server T_T ?

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