Revelation Online – Founder Packs with Closed Beta access now for sale

[Game website] Global publisher and developer NetEase revealed today more information about the closed beta of Revelation Online, a new MMORPG set in a fantasy open world. Confirmed as a Free-to-Play game, Revelation Online’s beta for Europe and North America is planned for October 2016. I have also recently recorded the starting gameplay from the China server, so take a look here!


The Vanguard Class:

To celebrate the announcement of Closed Beta, a brand new trailer shows the role, play style, and abilities of the Vanguard class. These steel walls rely on melee combat. Their chief strength is surviving battles of attrition, rather than dealing burst damage. Stand your ground and protect your group from harm in Revelation Online!


Founder Packs:

Discover the lands of Nuanor and secure guaranteed Closed Beta access with any of the three packs: Explorer Pack, Founder Pack, and Deluxe Pack. Any of the three packs will give players exclusive rewards up to and including: two exclusive costumes and titles, a unique war horse, an exclusive set of wings, several months of Premium, and boost packs. Purchase here!

Founder Packs