Skyforge – Fight on equal footing in Battle of Equals PVP tournament

[Play free now] Developer Allods Team and global publisher announce the Battle of Equals Tournament has begun! Fight on equal footing, with or against your friends, to prove who truly has the skills to become the best player in Skyforge. In the upcoming weeks, players will be participating in 3 vs 3 matches in which the playing field is normalized, where skill is the true deciding factor.


Updates include:

1. Players will be on equalized footing in this brand new tournament – Transportation, Divine Form, Symbols from each atlas cannot be used. Players will join the battle as a hero that has only the current Talents, Skills, and Weapon properties of their character.

2. This new area is one of the most dangerous places in Aelion: its ruthless weather conditions and deadly creatures will provide great challenges for players to complete, including weekly changing special missions

Skyforge - Battle of Equals screenshot