Bless – Server merge next month will see 10 servers become just 2

With the first server merge for Bless happening just in March, it seemed amusing Neowiz is using “for a smoother gameplay experience” as the main reason for the latest server merge, set to happen on 8 June. As written in the post header, 10 servers will be merging into just 2. Some folks said the first server merge occured due to a new “mega server” tech, which I am still doubtful about.

Bless server merge June 2016

Mentioned several times, Bless, developed using Unreal Engine 3, will be the last big-budget PC MMORPG which developer and publisher Neowiz will attempt. The team, Neowiz Bless Studio, is now a subsidiary under Neowiz, with almost 200 employees the last I heard. Bless has already been signed for launch in China, Taiwan, and most recently confirmed for North America and Europe.