Bless – Western publisher for epic Unreal Engine 3 MMORPG confirmed

[Teaser site] Earlier today, Korean developer Neowiz announced the Western publisher for its Unreal Engine 3 masterpiece, Bless. The company taking this huge task of making Bless a success in both North America and Europe is none other than Aeria Games, perhaps the most prominent publisher in the 2 regions today. Localization of the game is currently ongoing, with no schedule revealed.


  1. Name a better company in EU/NA.
    I’m curious about what people would you pick.
    >We get games “Omg this company sucks”

  2. Can i just pull a gun and SHOOT EVERY PERSON WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERY PUBLISHER , IF YOU DERPS HAVE ANY GOOD PUBLISHER THAT DOESN’T REGION LOCK OR ALIENATE GAMERS LIST THEM .. Fuuuuuck i’m dunn with these braindead idiots who just wants to watch the world burn

  3. This is actually great news to me, I’m playing on the KR OBT atm and knowing that there is a publisher that picked it up already for EU/NA means that we are looking forward to a 2017 release – I am also really looking forward to see what Aeria will do with a big license – good luck to them!

  4. Aeria? wow… i mean they will do ok Job with game but there wont be any livestreams or much of communication with players like some other companys doo(Bluehole.neople,arc games)
    I am not sure how aeria will handle such a big game , most of games they have are little with content and easy to run.

    • They do have… The game was called Aura Kingdom. Livestream every time they have updates o events. The GM in that game we’re very interactive with other players n can be seen online most of the day of the week. Too bad our guild (LOGHORIZON) was disbanded so I have to move to other games…

      • Aura Kingdom is not AAA title is made by xlegend that make small anime games every year, ak now had more content since it is 3 years old already … 😛 and no they didnt streamed for 2 years now lol

  5. my english patch is better ……. leave game the same and use my translations im one person and im 80 % done hurry the fuq up aeria ! =0

  6. jesus christ why aeria. even trion with cash rip or ncsoft with terrible support are ten times better when it comes to conduction and communication, hell even webzen is better than aeria.

    Psst cinderboy, you pulled off quite strong words regarding how aera can handle huge titles like bless but trust me, they may be best at launching games on time with no delays but they put no effort at all in the game or community till they both completely die and everyone quits.

  7. And the game will now become pay2win with hidden restrictions. Oh all the patches will be cashshop patches and little content patch. Milk them dry aeria !!!

  8. Keyboard warriors be like “Why Aeria?” while I’m here smirking like an idiot. Can’t wait for this game to come out. Go AERIA!!!

  9. Aeria? Pay to win items incoming… Why the hell korean developers use stupid western publishers (Gameforge destroyed TERA EU, all Aeria games are pay to win)…

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