Becoming Preta – Action MMORPG now includes VR platform

Originally just another mobile action MMORPG which was set to be published by Nexon, developer Illion decided to go another route with Preta. Now known as Becoming Preta, the game is being enhanced for VR, mobile, PC, console, connected TV with account syncing feature to ensure seamless gameplay regardless of what devices it runs on. Yes, the ultimate cross-platform game is very real!


Illion is touting Becoming Preta as “probably the first F2P VR MORPG that will kick ass,”, and there might be some truth in it. In “Becoming Preta”, players will play roles including a crazy angry emperor who got betrayed by his own men, a cold hearted empress whose only interest lies in her daughter, and an autistic princess that holds the key to untangle the family’s twisted karma.

Becoming Preta - VR event photo 1

Becoming Preta boasts hardcore beat’em up action with tons of quests and puzzles, which is really the norm these days for any RPG titles. Illion stated its goal with co-op raid in Becoming Preta is to give players a really hard time. Gigantic, murderous monsters will kill players with a single blow, hence parties should be extremely well-prepared. Becoming Preta is slated for a summer release.

Becoming Preta - VR event photo 2