Legend of DOTA – Valve and Blizzard reach truce with Chinese companies

Back in November last year, Valve and Blizzard stated their intent to continue purusing a legal victory over Chinese companies Longtu Games and Lilith Games over the copyright infringement found in the mobile game, Legend of DOTA. Yesterday, Longtu Games claimed a truce was reached with Valve and Blizzard. Legend of DOTA will be renamed as “Legend of Little Ice Ice” in the near future.

Legend of DOTA truce announcement

Legend of Little Ice Ice, or 小冰冰传奇, is apparently a nod to the Ice Maiden character, and also the username of the most active administrator of Legend of DOTA. No fines nor exchange of monetary benefits were announced. Longtu Games and Lilith Games have also reached official licensing agreement for characters from Assassin’s Creed and Ultraman to appear in the mobile game.

Dota Legend screenshot