League of Legends – Popular MOBA arriving on new console in China

Last week, Tencent, Intel and Haier jointly unveiled the Tencent Games Platform (TGP) BOX. Known as “Blade”, the hardware was manufactured by Haier, chips provided by Intel, with Tencent supplying the games. The launch titles are all operated by Tecent, including League of Legends, Monster Hunter Online, Monster Hunter Online. FIFA Online 3, and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Tournament.

Tencent TGP Box photo

The first Blade Box looks like a sports car. It is equipped with TGP Box mode and a Windows 10 operating system, with a sixth-generation Intel core i3 /i5 / i7 desktop processor. In TGP BOX mode, players can not only quickly download or update massive games from the game store, but also start a local game or live stream gaming sessions. It is not known if this console will be headed overseas.

Tencent TGP Box demo