Preta – Nexon soft-launches new mobile action RPG in selected regions

Nexon Korea today out the soft-launch phase for Preta, its latest mobile action RPG developed by the company’s internal studio. Preta actually started out as an experimental project within the studio walls of Nexon Korea. For the current soft-launch phase, players in Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain and Thailand can now unlock the secrets of Preta on Android devices.


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Heroes experience the thrill of nonstop action in a quest to reveal the secrets of Preta as their potential is gradually awaken and powers are used to crush monsters. Seen below is the Korean game trailer for Preta, highlighting several cinematic scenes and gameplay footage.


Preta features:

1. Customizable playstyle to cast devastating combos and use skills to inflict massive damage;

Preta screenshot 1

2. Three bone-smashing weapon classes to master including sword, chain, and wand;

Preta screenshot 2

3. Rare and mystical elements to collect and use to strengthen the hero;

Preta screenshot 3

4. Action packed game modes including Raid Mode to destroy towering bosses, Defense Mode to defend player’s tower against waves of enemies, and Special Mode to collect as much gold as possible.

Preta screenshot 4