Elite Lord of Alliance – “The Smash” update introduces 2 new dungeons

[Register now] Webzen, a global games developer and publisher, today announced that its action hack ‘n’ slash MMORPG, ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance, has released Part 2 of its first expansion, “The Smash”. “The Smash”, somewhat an interesting title, introduces several new features and items, along with two new dungeons: The Spirit Flame Workroom and the Shadow of Hallucination.

ELOA update 2 image 1

The Spirit Flame Workroom is where various kinds of fire monsters and bosses use flame attacks to burn players. Players in Hero difficulty, the highest of the 3 difficulty levels, will experience even more flame traps along with bosses spawning more monsters, which in turn causes more items to drop. These items include: Pain Savior’s Set, Overpowering Savior’s Set, and many more.

ELOA - Spirit Flame Workroom

In the Shadow of Hallucination, many challenges await including explosive traps, turrets and melee-attacking boss monsters that use a poisoning skill. Playing in Hero difficulty will add more enhanced poison traps, and allow the boss monster to spawn “Atrocious Veren Gatekeeper Kou” during battle. Defeating enemies in the dungeon will reward adventurers with special and powerful items.

ELOA - Shadow of Hallucination