Revelation – Chinese online game introduces 50-man guild mount

Top Chinese gaming company NetEase, known as the publisher for all things Blizzard in China, recently debuted a 50-man mount in its latest MMORPG, Revelation. Given out as a prize for a cross-server guild PVP tournament, this narwhal-type mount really does carry 50 characters, as seen in the trailer below. I suppose this “feat” of a mount is a world record for online games everywhere.


Revelation actually launched last year, but the game hasn’t been able to pick up steam. NetEase is trying to re-energize it, with the “Open Beta” phase arriving this April. New graphical optimization, new maps, mounts, and more await players, though I am not sure if there are many keen newcomers. Having tried the game myself, Revelation is simply a poor clone of Aion and Blade & Soul.