Devilian – New action online game from Trion Worlds is now live

[Play now] Trion Worlds, in partnership with Bluehole Ginno Games, has officially launched Devilian in North America and Europe. Combining the best features from different genres of games, Devilian offers visceral combat, a huge persistent world with deep guild and social systems, and competitive player-vs-player action, making it the all-in-one action role-playing experience on PC.


In Devilian, gamers play the role of the last guardians of Nala – unique half-devil heroes battling to save their world from a fallen god – and experience fast-paced action gameplay paired with MMO and MOBA features like crafting, quests, trading, cities, mounts, pets, guilds, alliances, wars, dungeons, epic 20 vs. 20 PvP battles and more. There are also a variety of classes to suit all play styles.

Devilian screenshot 1 Devilian screenshot 2

Players can take up arms as rampaging Berserkers, harness destructive magic as mystical Evokers, wield heavy weapons as keen-eyed Cannoneers, or stalk their enemies as Shadowhunters brandishing bladed chains. Customize not only the class’ original form and skill trees, but their transformed Devil form as well, equipping Devil-specific items and skills to obliterate enemies on the battlefield.

Devilian screenshot 3 Devilian screenshot 4