Marvel Avengers Academy – Play as young Avengers in new mobile game

[Pre-register] Today, TinyCo and Marvel Entertainment announced Marvel Avengers Academy, an all-new adventure mobile game. Currently in development for iOS and Android devices, Marvel Avengers Academy will allow players to build their dream Super Hero school and guide the paths of the famous heroes as complex young adults grappling with newly emerging powers and social lives.


In Marvel Avengers Academy players will unlock the young versions of their favorite Avengers characters through exploration, and will upgrade and develop their superpowers and play through original narrative-driven stories written in partnership between TinyCo and Marvel. To further customize the experience, each character can be suited with unique abilities and exclusive outfits.

Marvel Avengers Academy characters

Marvel Avengers Academy marks the first time in videogame history that the cast of the Avengers has been re-envisioned as student versions of themselves. They’ll engage in sporting activities and training sessions to build and strengthen their superpowers, which they’ll take out into the world as youthful Avengers, uncovering exciting original storylines and battling against epic Super Foes.

Marvel Avengers Academy character artwork