Fantasy War Tactics – Nexon launches new mobile SRPG worldwide

Magic and machines co-exist in Fantasy War Tactics, as Nexon, a worldwide leader in free-to-play online and mobile games, through its Korean subsidiary, Nexon Korea, launches the highly-anticipated strategy role-playing game (SRPG) today for Android and iOS devices. Fantasy War Tactics is now available to gamers in 153 countries, including those in North America, Europe and Asia.


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As an ambitious wizard bent on conquering the world, players make their way through the massive world of Fantasy War Tactics utilizing their heroes’ skills, the terrain around them, and their friends to help them in the heat of battle. Featuring a vast map with more than 180 dungeons and 12 different regions, players will explore and plan their tactics as they face heroic challenges.


Fantasy War Tactics also integrates player versus player (PvP) mode that enables social interaction by pitting friend against friend. Like classic SRPGs before it, Fantasy War Tactics will offer turn-based tactical battles and a huge variety of playable characters, though the game will also offer competitive battles. More details of the game can be found in the previous interview I had with Nexon.

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To celebrate, Nexon Korea will host special in-game events that include valuable prizes and rewards for players who participate. The publisher also is offering three new events starting today for players to celebrate the worldwide launch. The events will give players rewards including crystals, costumes and weapons. Details for the Fantasy War Tactics launch events can be found below.

Fantasy War tactics launch events

“Login and Get Rewarded”

– Running from Nov. 5 to 19

– Login to the game for a chance to receive a pirate queen costume, a Legend Rebellion Sword, and 50 crystals

“Around the World in 8 Days”

– Running from Nov. 5 to 19

– Players that login for eight days have a chance to receive a new costume, a variety of golden equipment capsules

“Conquer the Tezen Island”

– Running from Nov. 5 to 26

– Players that clear the Tezen Island have a chance to receive bonus golden equipment capsules