Durango – English version confirmed for open world survival mobile game

Currently on display in Nexon’s booth over at G-Star 2015, it was confirmed Durango will be launching in English next year under Nexon Korea. Developer What! Studio, a team under Nexon, is actually the folks who made Mabinogi Heroes, or more commonly known as Vindictus in the west. The soundtrack in the trailer below is created by Inon Zur, composer of the Fallout and Dragon Age series.


A vivid and beautiful environment resembling earth’s Mesozoic period and prehistoric dinosaurs all serve as an interactive backdrop for players as they hunt and battle to survive, build tribes, and team up with other players to create primitive villages, otherwise known as a community. Players can also tame various dinosaurs to ride and make the scale of the battle between tribes even bigger.

Durango screenshot 1 Durango screenshot 2

Buildings, clothing, and weapons will evolve throughout the game giving players a unique gameplay experience in hunting and building their own tribes in a seamless world. The open-world survival elements make Durango an experience neverbefore seen on mobile devices. I am so thrilled Nexon Korea is going to publish the game in English next year! Stay tuned for my interview as well 🙂

Durango screenshot 3 Durango screenshot 4