Durango – Nexon showing off open world survival mobile game at G-Star

Durango was announced some time back by Nexon, but somehow it has always skipped my mind. Developed by What! Studio (under Nexon), Durango is an epic open world mobile game where players must survive in a land where dinosaurs roam free. Players must explore, hunt, craft items, cook, and even build structures together as a community. Pretty epic for a mobile game if you ask me.


Other important features of Durango is to gather materials, such as picking edible vegetations, cutting down trees for wood, setting fire, making utensils and weapons, and also find fresh water to collect. All these while hunting (or escaping) wild dinosaurs. Most of these are explained in the trailer below, which was actually released in May last year. Durango will be showcased at G-Star 2015.