3 Kingdoms Warlord – Mobile game based on classic story launching soon

[Facebook page] Singapore-based games publisher, Awecent, has announced yet another new mobile game, 3 Kingdoms Warlord, shortly after the launch of Undercity Fighters. 3 Kingdoms Warlord is a casual take on the usually comptetitve and intense MOBA genre, while adding several RPG elements as well to lower the entry barrier. The game will launch next week for Android devices.


Boasting more than 180 generals to seek and collect, classic favourites such as Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, and more famed generals from the Three Kingdoms era will be making their appearances. Other than just focused on winning battles on the field, players will also have to look after their growing empire. Will you build an epic kingdom, or end up a dismal failure?

3 Kingdoms Warlord image 1 3 Kingdoms Warlord image 2