Undercity Fighters – Action side-scroller launches on Android devices

Awecent, a new mobile games publisher based in Singapore, today announced the official launch of its action side-scroll mobile game, Undercity Fighters, for Android devices worldwide. The gameplay is similar as Dungeon Fighter Online, and a reminiscence of old-school games such as Knight of Valor and even Golden Axe. Compared to most mobile games, there is no auto-combat function here!


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Featuring 4 playable classes, Undercity Fighters tells the story of the Belmare Empire, which was decimated by of swarms of monsters entering the mortal realm. The mastermind, Cain, was defeated by 4 heroes along with the demonic forces. A hundred years later, he re-surface, and players now assume the roles as descendants of the 4 legendary heroes to once again restore peace.


Players will journey through various terrains in Undercity Fighters, unleashing unstoppable chain combo attacks and devastating skills. Bring along a pet, as these critters will aid in battles too. Other than PVE dungeons, there are features such as the Dungeon Tower (monsters get hard at higher levels) and of course, the ranked PVP Arena. Head to the official Facebook page for updates!