9 Innings Manager – Com2us launches baseball title worldwide

Last week, Com2us announced the worldwide launch of its latest baseball title, 9 Innings Manager on the App Store and Google Play. 9 Innings Manager is developed in partnership with the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLB). The newest installment in a series of Com2us titles under the “9 Innings” umbrella will feature true-to-life managing capabilities and game simulation.


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In 9 Innings Manager, users will be able to sign, trade, and develop MLB PA players and oversee team operations. The game also includes the following features:

1. Over 5,000 registered MLB PA players
Players can put together a team of their favorite baseball stars, past and present.

2. Roster management as the General Manager
Users can recruit players through trades, drafts, or the Free Agent market, sign and renew contracts, and address the media about their teams.

9 Innings Manager image 1 9 Innings Manager image 2

3. Player and team development
Users can equip team members with unique skills to improve their attributes.

4. Multiple gameplay modes
Users can play League Mode to strengthen their team members as they move up each grade. Users can compete against others from around the world in Ladder Mode.