Cabal 2 – PVE and PVP battle arenas arriving this week with rank system

[Game website] Developer ESTSoft today revealed details for its next content update for Cabal 2, available starting 10 September (US time). The new update includes two new battle arenas and a rewards system for players at the top of rankings. “Trial of Champions” features two new arenas which require players to be level 10 to enter. There is an instanced monster arena (PVE) and a PvP arena.

Cabal 2 PVE arena screenshot 1

In the monster arena, players will go in alone and battle against monsters across different stages. The PvP arena will give combatants the chance to face off against each other to become the champion of Cabal 2. A new ranking system will track players in events like the monster arena, PvP arena and battlegrounds. At the end of each season, players will be awarded prizes based on their ranks.

Cabal 2 PVE arena screenshot 2