Thumb Empires – New mobile strategy game arriving this summer

[Facebook page] Promised to be hotter than summer, one of the top strategy games in China is arriving in English! Enter Thumb Empires, published by 4399en, which is aiming to take over mobile devices soon. Different from other war games, Thumb Empires boasts several unique features to provide players with the ultimate experience. Lords, gather your troops, and prepare for battle!

Thumb Empires image 1

Become the best defender! Chase out the bandit gangs!

Defend your empire by engaging the bandits who are eyeing to steal your treasures. The defeated bandits will provide with helpful resources such as Gold, Mana and Crowns. The number of Crowns collected will determine each player’s ranking on the Best Defender chart.

Thumb Empires image 2

Rise and top the ranks as the best attacker!

Other than the lowly bandits, players may choose to conquer the various dungeons found in Thumb Empires. The more dungeons successfully passed, the higher the rank on the Best Attacker chart. The top 50 Lords in the Best Attacker chart will be rewarded with Gold and Mana. The amount given will be based on the rankings as well, so work your way up!

Form alliances and conquer the world!

Thumb Empires’ unique alliance system will allow players to gather their friends from all over the world. Together with allies, players can engage in enemies together and liberate the world! Other than sending gifts, allied players will be able to help each other build defensive structures as well.

Thumb Empires image 3