Heroes of the Storm – Preview trailers for Eternal Conflict game map

[Game website] Heroes of the Storm recently launched worldwide, and in the launch livestream event. developer Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new game map, Eternal Conflict, based on Diablo III. There is no press release detailing what the core objectives are, but seen below are a couple of videos highlighting both sides of the map. Seems like the PVP mode Diablo III never had.


Representing Diablo III’s Crusader class, Johanna made her deubt in Heroes of the Storm as part of the game’s launch. The next character from Diablo III was also teased, which is the classic boss first appearing in Diablo, the Butcher. A skill preview trailer is all we have for now. Once again, Heroes of the Storm is an objective-based hero brawler, a distance away from the typical MOBA titles.